Erik Dominguez



Erik Dominguez is a Phoenix, AZ based fashion & lifestyle photographer.

Erik uses visual media to apply creativity to the world. Erik’s fascination with photography evolved from an inclination to explore and learn how things work. His love for photography became clear as he documented his own travels and captured visual stories. Specializing in digital photography, he creates stunning images that capture a timeless feel.  He aims to create art in the flow of fast, fluid fashion, intriguing situations and settings that set the stage for freedom, authenticity and movement.

Erik’s style is inclusive and collaborative, incorporating a wide span of subjects, models and people in everyday moments to illustrate a depth as the photo shoot unfolds. Always implementing new techniques, Erik uses a variety of styles, technology and curiosity with photography and people to capture fleeting moments of life. He works in a manner that puts the subject at ease and provides the freedom to move, laugh, enjoy and be themselves. His inclusive and collaborative approach to work produces fun, genuine moments as they unfold. It keeps shoots spontaneous, light and full of energy.